la ghirada sports center

La Ghirada Sports Center

Lying just outside Treviso, covering an area of 22 hectares, La Ghirada Sports Complex – “Sport City” was built in 1985 by the Benetton Group and is open to anyone willing to take part in sporting or leisure activities.

There are three gyms, six rugby fields, covering 60, 000 square metres football and five-a-side fields, a cross country circuit, a fitness center, three indoor basketball and volleyball courts, a brand new beach volley area, a golf practice area and a swimming pool.

La Ghirada offers other facilities, as well: the main meeting room can seat 120 people and it is fully equipped for any need whatsoever. La Ghirada also features comfortable dormitories for the youngsters involved in the basketball, volleyball and rugby programs; and now it has started the new fast food partnership with Spizzico and an Italian restaurant. A pavilion with 500 seats for meetings, conferences and parties is also available.

In La Ghirada you will also find a fan shop, a store where you can find all the Playlife’s clothes and product associated with the Benetton Basket, Volley & Rugby teams and where you can buy tickets for concerts and games held at Palaverde. These three teams are all based at La Ghirada Sports Center that also houses the offices. A rehabilitation center has recently been opened, specializing in ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder treatment. It is equipped with the new Orthothron system which is now widely used for recovery and muscle development.

La Ghirada therefore offers complete facilities, open to everybody, easy to reach and represents an ideal center for those desiring daily involvement with sport at any level. All of this is under Verde Sport patronage, the company in charge of the Benetton sporting world that manages the impressiveness of La Ghirada and Palaverde.